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Founded in 2011, Global Strategy Journal is the leading journal on global strategic management research. It aims to shape the direction of conversations on the interaction between the global context and the strategy and strategic management of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The global strategic management domain encompasses the strategic management, organization, and success of multinational organizations; the bidirectional interaction of the global business environment and organizational strategies; comparative strategies in different national settings; and the comparative effect of regional and national contexts on the strategies of domestic and multinational organizations. It publishes double-blind reviewed and invited papers that offer innovative theoretical perspectives or provide tests of empirical relationships based on quantitative or qualitative analyses.

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GSJ is targeted at publishing the most influential global strategy research in the world.

In the most recent Journal Citation Report (released in June 2022), GSJ had a two-year impact factor of 7.393. GSJ has a five-year impact factor of 8.129.

GSJ is listed as a "4" journal ("top journal") by the Chartered Association of Business Schools (UK); listed as an "A" journal by the Australian Business Deans Council for the national assessment; and listed as a primary set management journal by the Erasmus Research Institute of Management.

In the last five years (2019 through 2022), GSJ received 719 original submissions from scholars based in 61 countries.

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Congratulations to Our Authors!

GSJ is pleased to announce its top-cited papers of the last two years. Congratulations to these authors for this accomplishment!

Disentangling the relationship between internationalization, incremental and radical innovation, and firm performance

Joan Freixanet, Josep Rialp

Top management team international diversity and the performance of international R&D

René Belderbos, Boris Lokshin, Christophe Boone, Jojo Jacob

Signaling legitimacy across institutional contexts—The intermediary role of corporate social responsibility rating agencies

Julian F. Kölbel, Timo Busch

International connectivity and the location of multinational enterprises' knowledge-intensive activities: Evidence from US metropolitan areas

Davide Castellani, Katiuscia Lavoratori, Alessandra Perri, Vittoria G. Scalera

The pressure behind corporate social performance: Ownership and institutional configurations

Kurt Desender, Mircea Epure

Into the unknown: The extent and boldness of firms' international footprint

Gábor Békés, Gabriel R. G. Benito, Davide Castellani, Balázs Muraközy

Shared digital identity and rich knowledge ties in global 3D printing—A drizzle in the clouds?

Ricarda Bouncken, Roman Barwinski

Dynamic capability development in multinational enterprises: Reconciling routine reconfiguration between the headquarters and subsidiaries

Monica Riviere, A. Erin Bass, Ulf Andersson

The knowledge-based view and global strategy: Past impact and future potential

Robert Grant, Anupama Phene

Platforms without borders? The international strategies of digital platform firms

Maximilian Stallkamp, Andreas P. J. Schotter

Digitalization and globalization in a turbulent world: Centrifugal and centripetal forces

Erkko Autio, Ram Mudambi, Youngjin Yoo

Political risks and foreign direct investments by multinational corporations: A reference point approach

Naoki Yasuda, Masaaki Kotabe

Levels of legitimacy development in internationalization: Multinational enterprise and civil society interplay in institutional void

Mohammad B. Rana, Olav J. Sørensen

Tobit models in strategy research: Critical issues and applications

Mario Daniele Amore, Samuele Murtinu

Upgrading strategies for the digital economy

Timothy J. Sturgeon


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