Session 1

Frontiers of Value Capture Research: Complementary Developments in the Theory and Empirics

Track E

Date: Sunday, September 21, 2014


Time: 09:30 – 10:45

Interest Group Panel

Room: Viena

Session Chair:

  • Michael Ryall, University of Toronto


One of the central issues in Strategy is determining what drives firm performance when faced with competition. Since Brandenburger and Stuart’s (1996) ground-breaking paper on value-capture strategies, we now have a better understanding of the value-creation/value-capture dichotomy and concepts such as agent added-value. But as the number of agents in a setting increases, empirical researchers face a challenge testing the theory since the number of objects that require measurement increases exponentially. A major research imperative for this line of work is to close the gap between theory and empirics. The purpose of this panel is to highlight recent developments on the cutting edge of this stream – both theoretical and empirical – that provide promising solutions for future research.

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