Session 204

Strategic Change and Adaptation Processes

Track H

Date: Monday, September 22, 2014


Time: 14:45 – 16:00


Room: Bruselas

Session Chair:

  • Tomi Laamanen, University of St. Gallen

Title: Market-Shaping Innovation Strategies: A Demand-Oriented Process View


  • Matthias Wenzel, European University Viadrina Frankfurt
  • Jochen Koch, European University Viadrina Frankfurt
  • Wasko Rothmann, McKinsey & Company

Abstract: Consistent with the deeply rooted consideration of the demand environment in strategic management research, a growing body of literature has acknowledged the role of the demand side in the success of innovations to achieve competitive advantage. However, the question of how firms can shape the demand environment for new products remains largely unaddressed. In this study, we employ longitudinal data on Apple Inc.’s activities aimed at shaping markets for their innovations in order to develop a process model that provides insights into the market-shaping process. We identify three core paradoxes that firms must unfold continuously to evoke demand-side changes in the commercialization of new products.

Title: Sequence Patterns of Strategic Change


  • Johanna Mueller, University of St. Gallen

Abstract: Studying repetitive strategic changes from a temporal perspective, we focus on sequence patterns and their performance implications. In this regard, we distinguish two aspects that are important when managing strategic change: changes in the content and scope of a firm’s existing strategies in response to environmental changes and changes in the processes undertaken to support and carry out initiated strategic changes. Following the controversial debate regarding change vs. continuity as well as evolutionary vs. revolutionary change, we argue that constant levels of change over time and punctuated changers are associated with superior performance. In addition, we argue that the internal coordination between changes in content and process impacts performance. The paper contributes to the temporal research stream in strategic management.

Title: Strategic Adaptation: How New Structure and Strategy Emerge at the Intersection of Role Identities


  • Diana Barbara Perra, Erasmus University-Rotterdam
  • Jatinder Sidhu, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Abstract: This study seeks to contribute to the understanding of strategic adaptation by examining how change unfolds in a firm in which successful transformation depends on the coordination of efforts of professionals with distinct role identities. We report the findings of an inductive case study of the strategic adaptation of a leading multinational company in the fragrance industry. Our investigation reveals a previously unrecognized dynamic between role identities and strategic adaptation, such that the change plans formulated by the top management are filtered and remolded by interdependent professional groups in ways that allow the preservation of their identities as new practices are born in response to the demands of the environment.

Title: Strategy Development in Mid-Sized Growth Firms: The Role and Nature of Emergence


  • Mona Roman, Aalto University
  • Mikko Rönkkö, Aalto University

Abstract: This paper contributes to strategic management research with increased understanding on the role of deliberate vs. emergence in strategy development. It is based on an in-depth case study of five mid-sized growth firms in IT software and services sector in Finland. It demonstrates that while mid-sized firms have established formal strategic planning process, those are highly flexible and autonomous in comparison to large firm processes. There are room for emergence as part of formal strategic planning cycle as well as through continuous reflection of strategy throughout the year on the basis of internal and external events. These findings highlight the importance of continuous strategic thinking and reflection in mid-sized growth firms as part of day-to-day management and decision-making.

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