Session 222

The Questions Stakeholder Theory Does or Could Answer Best

Track M

Date: Sunday, September 21, 2014


Time: 11:15 – 12:30

Interest Group Panel

Room: Paris

Session Chair:

  • Doug Bosse, University of Richmond


Each panelist will briefly share his/her ideas regarding the important research questions stakeholder theory is best suited to address, and then engage with the audience in a discussion about additional ideas that may be additive, complementary, and/or contradictory. The moderator will direct the flow and keep the conversation moving.
Some examples of broad questions that might be best addressed with stakeholder theory include:
• How do people create value for one another?
• How does competition in factor markets differ from competition in product markets?
• How can firms create different types of value for different stakeholders?
• What are the best ways to measure managerial performance?
• What vital societal functions are served by business? What is the institutional role of business in society?
• Beyond the firm-level (e.g., financials) and transaction-level (e.g., transaction cost efficiency), what units of analysis are appropriate to the study of firm performance?
• What is the role of values and other normative beliefs – things not explained by accommodations such as bounded rationality, pure self-interest, and uncertainty – in explaining the outcomes created by firms?
• How will/does innovative technology (e.g., robots) change the nature of managerial discretion?
• What changes will/does technology force on cross-border and global businesses?
• What should we be doing differently to prepare future business leaders and why?

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