Session 392

Non-market Strategy Practice and Competitive Advantage

Track J

Date: Sunday, September 21, 2014


Time: 11:15 – 12:30

Interest Group Panel

Room: Budapest

Session Co-Chairs:

  • Thomas Lawton, Open University
  • Bennet Zelner, University of Maryland


Firms are embedded within the social, regulatory and economic environment in which they operate. But strategy practitioners often do not know how to deal with these nonmarket contexts and respond with practices that may be obsolete or ineffective. This is particularly evident in a multipolar world economy and foreign market contexts. We will comment on the theoretical and methodological diversity that exists in the study of nonmarket strategy and, specifically, how it interacts with competitive strategy. The logic of this session is that the practice of nonmarket strategy – manifest as corporate political activity (CPA) activities and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives - need to be structurally aligned, both with each other and with business strategy, if they are to add real value and underpin competitive advantage. Furthermore, strategy for industry and market competition and strategy for political and social contexts must be equally attuned with corporate vision, values and objectives.

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